My Happiness Project: June

June: No complaining this month. Yikes. It turns out this is difficult. I started my month pondering what it means to complain and trying to negotiate with myself. If I am telling a colleague at work something negative about another human being, but it is something that is a true fact, then is that really […]

My Happiness Project: April

Well, May is almost over, so I better catch up and report on my April challenge. My goal for April was: “Swimming – Total Immersion. Try to find a buddy. Swim more often – make this my priority.” I will give myself a B- for my April goal. First, a bit about my history of […]

My Happiness Project: March

“Gardening – read, learn, prep for spring. Composting included.” That is what I wrote in the March slot for my year of learning new things, trying new habits, and developing new behaviors. How did I accomplish this task? I read about half of a handout on lawns in Southeast Alaska from a University program handout. […]

My Happiness Project: February

February was my month of meditation focus. I have known for a long time that there are a lot of reasons to meditate, proven by history and science. It’s good for you. I should do it. But I didn’t…for a very, very long time. I was resistant because I have trouble sitting still. I think […]

My Happiness Project: January

For 2018, I am going to spend each month either implementing a new habit or focusing the month on learning something new. This idea stems from a couple of sources. The biggest inspiration is The Happiness Project, a book by Gretchen Rubin. In her book, Rubin outlines a year where she chose an area to […]