Comments from Michael

I had the pleasure of working under Liz’s guidance for six months. After thinking back on this crucial time of development I have realized two things.

One: it is quite easy to lose track of all you have accomplished and how far you have come because we are often mentally occupied with our next set of goals. I grew exponentially in the six months I worked with you, perhaps without even fully realizing it. Your ability to help me set goals, and find ways to hold myself accountable were expertly demonstrated and the results I achieved with this level of organization speak for themselves. Within the six months of your program I was able to gain weight in muscle mass, decipher unhealthy eating patterns, free up time to focus on my health. Because you helped me to make my health and wellness a priority I was able to earn a five dollar raise at work. I now have the financial ability to continue to grow and follow my dreams. then your knowledge in financial management played a huge part in helping me manage my larger paychecks in a sustainable way to save money. My savings account continues to grow.

Two: one can only get so far without the guidance of others. Although I have always considered myself a highly motivated individual, I have come to realize that the help of others who are just as motivated on you accomplishing your goals as you are is INVALUABLE! I am not shy in recommending a coach to help guide you in becoming your best version. They can’t do the work for you but they often hold the map to help you arrive at that destination faster. A health or life coach is like enlisting a specialized cheerleader to be in your corner during some of the scariest times of your journey through life. There is nothing scarier than taking action to change your life for the better, and im glad I had liz in my corner for those six months.

I look forward to working with her in the future and will certainly enlist her for her services again. I wasn’t hesitant at all in requesting Elizabeth’s coaching services. I could tell by the organization of her website that she had the credentials to help me with my specific needs. I wasn’t disappointed in meeting her and I now follow her on Instagram. Since working with liz I have much more confidence in myself that I can accomplish my goals. There is always a way. She helped me to see that. I’m physically stronger since I’ve made the time to eat better and work out. Perhaps because of that my wallet also feels heavier. Wellbeing is a snowball effect. Start small and you never know what the end result could be.

Something I enjoyed most about working with liz had to be how each session would start. Typically we would start with a breathing exercise. It really helped me separate myself from the outside world. I felt lighter and focused. ready to organize my thoughts. just me and the obstacles in front of me, and my coach to guide me through them. Sometimes she would read a poem or interesting thought piece. I personally especially enjoyed this. I found we have very similar minds and taste in ideas. As a health coach liz could be described as versatile. there is very little she doesn’t know something about in the vast many facetted branches of health and wellness. she is well read, with a great sense of humor, and very witty. I wish more could be said but at last I finally must give my thanks to her for following her purpose in helping others. Some are born to learn, heal, and teach. I highly recommend her to those searching for someone to help them make change in their live.

~ Michael