30 Weeks to Awesome.

You are busy. Between work and family, life has taken over and you struggle to fit healthy habits into your daily life. Your health is slowly slipping. You want to make a change, but all the health information out there is daunting. Where do you begin? How can you possibly fit more into your busy life?

Here is your guide to finding that happy, healthy, awesome you by breaking down health advice into small, manageable steps. Each week you will be presented with a small amount of information and directed to pick a small action item. You can track your progress in just minutes a day using the daily log within this book.

Finally, here is the support you have been looking for to get your health back on track without having to stop the rest of your life.

Highlights include:

  • 30 weekly lessons that can be read in under three minutes each
  • Action items every week
  • A place to journal daily about your progress and struggles right there next to the lesson
  • Insight into a broad array of health topics
  • Prompting to set goals during the program and beyond
  • Tools to provide accountability

Here is what others are saying about 30 Weeks to Awesome:

30 Weeks to Awesome is a wonderful way to get yourself onto the road towards a healthy lifestyle. This book has easy to digest, actionable steps with plenty of space to record and reflect on healthy changes you are making in your life. Elizabeth’s hands-on approach and simple to follow instructions make it user friendly for everyone. It’s definitely worth trying out!

~ Alasen Zarndt, postpartum nutrition coach, http://www.yournutritiondoula.com

This program left me feeling energized and much more mindful of my choices. Some lessons already really resonated with me, while some were much harder. Making progress on the harder ones was (and is) the most rewarding to me…even today, now that I’ve finished the formal program. I love that the program doesn’t really end, you take it with you and keep making progress towards the vision you set for yourself…one mindful choice at a time.

~Kari Fenske, Fisheries Biologist

This book is just what the doctor ordered – simple to follow steps to get you (back) on the right path to health. Each week introduces a concept and an action plan. You reflect on where you are, where you want to be and follow the steps to get there. It’s in a workbook format with lines for daily journaling or note taking. Nothing too onerous and 100% customizable to each reader’s needs. After I read it, I purchased 10 more for friends.

~Jason Seifert


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