My Happiness Project : July & August

This year, based on the book by the same name (The Happiness Project) by Gretchen Rubin, I set out a list of things to focus on each month. I haven’t been great at following through with everything. It seems that the goals that involved a daily practice have really stuck with me, but on months where I wanted to learn something or do a big task, I haven’t been great at sticking to it for one reason or another.

My July and August also turned out phenomenally busy filled with lots of change. In July I was to focus on paperwork, both electronic and physical paperwork. I had already taken a big step with electronic files earlier in the year, and it is still an ongoing process but I feel better than where I had been. And I have nearly finished organizing the stack of loose papers around my home office! This mostly happened in August, but at least it got done and I will finish in the near future. Not much to report about on these tasks, they are really just things that must get done but that had been not getting done.

In August I was going to write a book! I didn’t expect it to be publishable, but just wanted the experience of the practice of writing daily to see what I would come up with. As you can probably guess based on the past tense of my writing, it hasn’t happened yet. In the end of July I was getting excited and thinking about it, but I switched jobs around early August and felt too overwhelmed to add a new daily practice. I still like the idea but I think it will carry over into next year.

Fortunately, September is back to a quick daily practice – a gratitude journal. I have a journal by my bedside and have kept it up so far and hope it will continue. I will reflect on the practice after the month.


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